Our Notebook

What we’ve learnt in our two years

Business Start Up • Laurian Evelyn

We’ve worked with 26 awesome clients including designers, educators, consultants, manufacturers, lawyers, and nonprofits both locally and internationally. And even industries we were surprised could use our help. Today, we’re sharing 4 lessons we’ve learnt.

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Lawd it hot!

Business Summer • Erin Mitchell

Here for us in Jamaica, summer means many things – the obvious heat, less traffic (school’s out!), mangoes, to name a few. As business people, there are other problems – vacation requests, increased absenteeism, seasonal changes in sales and our unique ‘EmanciPendence,’ situation. So, drop the temperature on the a/c...

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I’m still waking up at 6am. Not by choice mind you, but that body clock is hard to change. My routine remains the same: 9am – 5pm. Well…almost the same, I get to the office about 45 minutes to an hour later than my last job. Moving into your own...

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We’ve all seen those memes that have a really frustrated face and the copy, “When they call you, instead of just texting.” Over several years, with cell phone data plans and wifi becoming common-place, most of us have moved from phone calls to text-based (SMS, instant messaging, email etc.) communication....

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How much is your time really worth?

Business • Erin Mitchell

While we WISH we could even contemplate uttering a statement like that, most entrepreneurs are not as in demand as Linda Evangelista was in her heyday in the 1990’s. The statement is extremely bombastic (cue the Shaggy, it's a real word), but sometimes that's how we need to think about how we value our time.

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Not having branded emails is affecting your brand

Business • Laurian Evelyn

When you just started out you might have started as a freelancer, maybe dabbling in a thing or two. But now things are a lot different. These projects are no longer just a "side hustle". You've built up your clientele. You might even have an office. So why is your email still @gmail.com or even worse, @yahoo.com?

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Learn to delegate

Business • Laurian Evelyn

You’re overwhelmed and there are a million things on your to-do list. And if you don’t get it done, it won’t get done. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything checked off. It’s time to start delegating. If you haven’t realized that you’re doing things that...

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Stop micromanaging and let things go

Business • Laurian Evelyn

You get inspired. You have your vision and you're excited to run with your ideas. So, you start your business as a one (wo)man show. As your business begins to grow, you're ready to make your first hire, because you realize you can't handle everything on your own. So you interview, hire someone, but then you still continue doing the things you've hired the person to do.

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