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What can my Portal Assistant do?

Your assistant can handle tasks from managing your calendar, communicating with your clients to keeping track of your expenses. In our kickoff session we’ll discuss what you need and how our team can support you and your growing business. Learn more about what we do and our process .

Can my assistant schedule my meetings?

Yes! All our assistant are trained to use Google Calendar. Your assistant can coordinate meetings, schedule appointments and send meeting requests.

Will my assistant be working on the weekend or holidays?

Our assistants work standard business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. Have a light bulb moment in the middle of the night? No worries! You can still send your tasks any time of the day (or night). Your assistant will respond the following business day. We observe all major Jamaican holidays and don’t worry if you forget when they are, we’ll keep you updated. If you have a project that requires weekend or holiday coverage, we’re flexible and happy to support you – just give us some notice!

Do you provide back up when my assistant is away?

Yes! You don’t have to think about vacation or sick days. We’ll always have your back. We train backups so that they can step in at any time.

Can my assistant make payments on my behalf?

Yes! Your assistant can place orders, make purchases, and schedule payments safely and securely. We are committed to the security of your account.

Can my assistant make outgoing phone calls for me?

Of course! Your assistant can contact other companies, find out information for you and follow up on meetings and invoices.

How about incoming phone calls?

Yes. If you’d like to chat, you can contact us via our office phone. If you’d like us to handle your incoming calls, we’ll have a dedicated extension for your customers, vendors and service providers to get in touch.

Can my assistant manage my emails?

Of course! Your assistant can read, respond and send emails on your behalf through Gmail. You’ll receive updates on all your communication and alerts for matters of priority.

Where is my assistant based?

All of our assistants work out of our office in Jamaica.

Do you live outside of Jamaica? That’s fine! We can happily support your needs—wherever you are. However, note that your assistant will be working from our time-zone (GMT-5) when executing your tasks.

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