I walked through The Portal, Post #1

I’m still waking up at 6am. Not by choice mind you, but that body clock is hard to change.

My routine remains the same: 9am – 5pm. Well…almost the same, I get to the office about 45 minutes to an hour later than my last job.

Moving into your own company is different than starting a new job. There’s no new employee orientation, no one to transition you into the role. Thankfully, Laurian has been doing this for 18 months – she’s the brave one. She opened us up, started with our first employee and has been BOSS, with her other two partners (ahem, I’m one of them) available via late night emails, weekend meetings and WhatsApp when possible. Until now. Now, I’m involved full-time.

At no point have I been bored. The Portal is busy, and Laurian, the business partner who has and remains running the day-to-day operations and I laid out a plan of action with Long and Short term goals. I also have a few other new business projects in the works, and each meeting seems to bring a new opportunity. The days seem to move fairly quickly, especially since I try and set tasks for each day.

However, I’m still at a roller coaster anxiety level. One minute, it’s completely exhilarating to think about what could be on the horizon. The next minute I’m thinking of foreclosure and the repo man coming for my car. Yes, it’s dramatic, but after 10 years of a steady pay cheque, the change in status is daunting. And I think at least for now, it’s good to think like this – scare myself out of complacency. I am also very lucky to have a full on cheer squad in the form of family and friends who listen and advise.

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