Senior Portal Assistant

Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Job Type: Full Time

We’re looking for problem solvers, creative thinkers, and just honest, pleasant people. Working at the Portal means much more than just managing admin tasks, it means being a part of a culture that encourages creativity and efficiency, it means being a part of a team passionate about helping businesses grow.

You have excellent attention to detail. You’re the type of person who catches if something new has changed in a room, like a painting on the wall or a new desk configuration or you easily pick up when there’s an extra space in a sentence or when the font size changed…something just felt off! You are supportive of your colleagues and friends. You find practical solutions and develop next steps forwards instead of pointing fingers.

If this sounds like you, then we’d love you to be a part of our team!

The Job

Senior Portal Assistant – Full-time, reporting to Managing Director


The Senior Portal Assistant works closely with the Managing Director to manage company workload by delegating client tasks to Portal Assistants as needed. This means keeping Portal Assistants connected to the overall daily tasks, especially those that overlap. The Senior Portal Assistant also helps to Quality Control client-facing work completed by Portal Assistants. The Senior Portal Assistant also assists with ensuring client reimbursable expenses (bearer and other third-party payments) are appropriately recorded.

Experience & Functional Capabilities


If you make it through the first round of applications and land an interview (woohoo!), you’ll be required to go through various simulation tasks to see if we’d be the right fit.

Work with The Portal - Senior Portal Assistant

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • It is 11.30am, 3 tasks have come in at the same, rank them in order of priority and explain why: 1. Vanessa calls in. Her daughter’s school just called her to let her know that her daughter is sick and she should come and pick her up. She needs an appointment at her pediatrician ASAP? 2. Timothy sends a message that he forgot that his anniversary is tomorrow. He wants to arrange a gift for his wife such as flowers or a spa day. He is open to options, just as long as it doesn't make him look like he forgot. 3. Robert forwards an email from his client letting him know that his cheque is ready for collection. He needs us to arrange a bearer to pick up the cheque and deposit it to the bank ASAP.
  • A client has sent in a request. You and the PA have different plans of actions to execute the request. The PA is insistent that her plan is exactly what the client wants because she knows the client best. You think your way forward is the best way because it is efficient and makes the most “logical sense”. How do you decide the way forward?
  • It is the day before Linda's board meeting and she does not have a caterer. Her PA has reminded her several times: one month, two weeks, one week and 3 days before the meeting. Linda, now in a panic is asking us to coordinate a caterer for tomorrow. How do you respond to Linda’s request and what is your plan of action?